Asparagus Season

The asparagus season is a real culinary delight for gourmets. It is said that even in the ancient times the noble vegetable was a real delicacy but also not affordable for everyone. Asparagus isn’t just delicious, it’s also very healthy. It contains a variety of valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it’s low in calories (93% water) and blood sugar friendly.

Our asparagus originally originates from Beelitz in Brandenburg, one of the biggest and well known growing areas  for the beloved vegetable in Germany. Since there are no limits set to the endless possibilities of preparing the vegetable, only the finest creations have made it on the asparagus card. With fresh ingredients and love of detail. We hope you enjoy your meal!


Cream of Asparagus Soup with a cream topping
€ 4,80

Schwetzinger Salad of Asparagus
with tomatoes in cream mayonnaise refined
with yoghurt and fresh herbs on green salad
€ 8,80

Asparagus in a White Wine Sauce
with filled gnocchi, diced tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and pesto
€ 12,60

Portion of Asparagus 300 g
with hollandaise sauce or melted butter and spring potatoes
€ 11,90

Choose to: 
Serrano Ham | € 5,40
Viennese Schnitzel | € 6,80
roasted chicken breast | € 6,10
roasted fillet of pikeperch | € 6,90

Fresh Strawberries
with Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and green pepper
€ 4,80