10 Dec 2020,
19:00 hour - 22:00 hour

€ 69.00 p.p.


»Mord in der St. Pauli Haifischbar, Teil 2« is a new Comedy-Crime-Production of the theatre Ik’s.
It’s sprinkled with scurrility, music and humour.


The St. Pauli “Haifischbar“ in 1975:

Aunt Hermione is the main act at the „Haifischbar“, because there isn’t anything like it was:
Uncle Hugo had swallowed a pork sausage and lost his life in this tragical way. Hermione tries to replace him with her famous as well as infamous uptight kind. She does it almost perfect with the result that everybody is singing and dancing in the beginning again.

In this episode there is a spirited south European waiter, a refined pavement princess and an ex policeman in the “Haifischbar”. Every of them had a relationship to Uncle Hugo, therefore is the question:

Who inherits the „Haifischbar“ and why had Hermione drop down dead? Was it murder?

The second part of the “Haifischbar” is decorated with music of the 70’s and a lot of humour.

Price: € 69,00 per person incl. a welcome glass of sparkling wine and a 3-course-menu.

Dates 2019: 08.03. | 26.10. | 12.12.

Entry: 6 pm
Beginning: 7 pm

Telephone: +4938852-234 0

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