Van der Valk Culinary School | traditional Christmas meal

Van der Valk Culinary School | traditional Christmas meal

13 Nov 2020,
17:00 hour - 23:00 hour

€ 89.00 p.p.

alpincenter Hamburg - Wittenburg

Van der Valk Culinary School

5 pm – 11 pm

€ 89,00 per person

Our Van der Valk Culinary school opens their doors for every hobby chef, gourmets and those who want to be one of them once.

Together with our local-known chef de cuisine Burkhard Metzler you will have an instructive and enjoyable evening. The topic will be very special. Under his construction you will discover culinary specialities of the region, spices from all over the world and exotic baskets of goods. Together you will process some selected ingredients up to a tasty menu. In the evening you will enjoy the menu with a glass of wine in a convivial gathering.  


15.11.2019 | traditional Christmas meal
24.01.2020 | Fish & crustaceans
06.03.2020 | Spanish tapas
12.06.2020 | extraordinary Barbecue
13.11.2020 | traditional Christmas meal

In each case from 5 pm until 11 pm

Only with reservation in advance

-------- CONTENT --------

- 5 hours culinary school, from merchandise knowledge to techniques up to a full menu
- Drinks for dinner (Beer, Wine, Softdrinks, Coffee, Tea)
- collective convivial evening
- cooking skirt as a present

Telephone: 038852 234 0

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